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Your savings are federally insured to at least $250,000 and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government



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Services For The Saver
  • Federally Insured Savings to at least $250,000 by NCUA
  • Free Checking Account
  • Reorder checks here (Main Street)
  • IRA Accounts for accumulation and investment
  • Investment Share Accounts from 6 month to 5 year terms
  • Money Market Accounts
  • Christmas Club
  • Vacation Club
  • Jumbo and Mini Jumbo Investment Shares

Services For The Borrower

  • New and Used Auto, Truck, Boat, RV, motorcycle and other titled vehicle loans
  • Share Secured loans- use your savings as collateral
  • First Mortgage loans for owner occupied or rental property - fixed or adjustable rates
  • Second Mortgage and Home Equity Loans with up to 20 year term at a fixed rate
  • VISA Credit Cards
  • Credit Life/Disability Insurance
  • Mortgage Life/Disability Insurance
  • New and Used price guides for automobiles, Boats, RVs, Trucks, Motorcycle and other titled vehicles.
  • GAP policies available for your car or motorcycle loan at a much lower cost than the dealerships!  If your vehicle is totalled and your insurance doesn't pay off the loan balance, a GAP policy can save the day.
  • Extended Warranties for your vehicle are also available at your credit union for cars up to 11 years old with up to 100,000 miles on them! 

Services For Everybody

 moneydesktop logo 1

  • MoneyDesktop, the Personal Financial Management (PFM) tool available FREE to members using our Online Banking
  • Check Cashing for Members


  • Free Notary Services for Members
  • Money Orders
  • Wire Transfer of Funds

safe deposit_boxes

  • Safety Deposit Boxes (when available)
  • Courteous Friendly Staff
  • VISA Check (Debit) Card
  • 24-hours/7 days per week access to accounts through COP Line II Online Banking or by phone
  • Alliance One Web Site - List of ATMs without surcharges at
Debit Card Know-How

shazam bolt logo

SHAZAM BOLT$ is a fraud transaction alerting, balance monitoring and ATM locator application.

Download SHAZAM BOLT$ for free from the Apple App Store, Google Play or log into and enter your full card number. Accept product terms and conditions, and proceed with the card verification process.

You’ll need to enter some additional card information as well as your PIN or Social Security number. Finally, create your username, password and user profile.

In the Modify Alert Settings tab you can update:
• Transaction amount alerts (set amount threshold)
• Internet and phone transaction alerts
• International transaction alerts
• A secondary email address for transaction-level alerts

How do I use a Debit Card?

Debit Cards, sometimes referred to as Check cards, can be used for purchases at any merchant who accepts Visa. Instead of writing a check, you use your Visa Debit card to make a purchase, then the money is withdrawn directly from your checking account.

Debit Cards can also be used to purchase items online or by phone, or used like an ATM card to withdraw cash from ATM's. When used as a Debit Card, you are not required to use your personal identification number (PIN) to complete the transaction. Make sure you choose the "credit" option when making your purchase. 

My Debit Card has the Visa logo on it. Is it the same as my credit card?

No...When you make a purchase using your Debit Card, the money is directly withdrawn from your checking account. If you do not have enough money in the account to cover the transaction, it will be denied. Unlike a credit card, you DO NOT have a credit limit or a grace period for repayment.

Will I be charged any fees when I use my Debit Card?

When using your Debit Card to make purchases, there are no fees for using it. Make sure you choose "credit" when making a purchase. This uses the Visa network to process the transaction instead of one of the ATM networks. The money will still be withdrawn from your checking account even though you chose the "credit" option.

Are there any dollar amount limits when I use my Debit Card?

You can use your Debit Card to make purchases up to the amount you have available in your checking account, or $1,500 (restrictions apply), whichever is lower. This limit is in place to minimize losses in the event of fraudulant activity. If you need to make a purchase with your Debit Card that is greater than $1,500, please call the credit union office during business hours, Monday thru Friday 8-4, prior to making the purchase, to have the limit temporarily increased. Your limit will be reset back to $1,500 after your purchase has been processed. A $5.00 fee to temporarily raise the daily limit on your debit card may apply to each request.

Can I withdraw cash from my account with a Debit Card?

Yes, your Debit Card can also be used as an ATM card for making cash withdrawals at Plus, Jeannie, Star and Pulse ATM's (surcharges may apply).

You may also use your card at any Alliance One ATM located at a credit union near you with no surcharge and at all Get-Go and Sheetz locations as well. 

The daily cash withdrawal limit for ATM and Debit Cards is $500.

What should I do if my Debit Card is lost or stolen?

As soon as you notice your card is missing, or as soon as you see fraudulent activity on your account, please call the credit union office during business hours. After business hours, please call 800-383-8000 to report your card lost/stolen.

What if I plan to travel outside the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico or Ireland?

If you plan to use your ATM or Debit Card outside of these countries, you must contact the credit union during business hours so we can unblock the country you will be traveling to.


Go to for an online resource for managing your money through the debit card payment method. By getting the facts and understanding all the benefits associated with debit cards, you'll be able to track your daily finances and stay on top of the latest safety measures developed to ensure the security of your card.


Everything you need to know about the safe and smart use of debit cards is right there. Read through the latest expert advice and learn how other debit card users are taking advantage of the benefits this payment option has to offer.



allianceoneYour financial institution has made the wise decision to let you keep some of your own money. How? By giving you access to more ATMs and fewer fees.

Alliance One, founded in 1998, is a nationwide cooperative group of credit unions, community banks and thrifts that have joined forces to let their cardholders access each others' ATMs all over America without having to pay ATM surcharge fees. That cooperative spirit not only gives you more convenient ATMs to choose from, it also leaves that extra $2.00 where it should be - in your account.

Look for the blue and white Alliance One logo on ATMs or use our ATM Locator at to find an Alliance One ATM near you.

Please note: The daily cash withdrawal limit for ATM & Debit Cards is $500.



coplineWhen You Have Credit Union Business To Complete, Call CopLine Audio Response!

CopLine Audio Response at Cleveland Police Credit Union lets you obtain information about your accounts and our services when the time is right for you:

  • Before your work day
  • During lunch hour
  • Right after work
  • In the evenings
  • Over weekends

You name the time...this service is available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week for these transactions:

  • Share balances
  • Share Draft balances
  • Loan balances
  • Draft/Check clearings
  • Transfers
  • Withdrawals by check
  • Much, much more

CopLine Audio Response may be reached by calling:
(216) 861-3536 
Or toll free at 1-800-640-4920

You will need a Personal Identification Number in order to access CopLine Audio Response. You may begin carrying out transactions with this service by using the last four digits of your Social Security Number as your PIN. Once you are into the CopLine Audio Response system, you can change your PIN if desired.

When it comes to completing credit union business, let CopLine Audio Response serve as your partner!


Credit Life Insurance

Available from your credit union for its members. This protection, in most cases, will pay the outstanding balance on a Member's loan upon his/her death. Maximum amount of insurance is $30,000 per loan.

Mortgage Life Insurance

May be purchased to cover any real estate equity loan obtained at the credit union. If you want the extra protection of knowing your loan is paid for in the event of your death, this low cost life insurance is for you.

Credit Disability Insurance

Available with your loan at minimal cost. Think for a minute .... what might happen if you were disabled through sickness or accident! Not a very pleasant prospect, but we all know it can happen. That's why we're offering you the opportunity to protect yourself and your family with Credit Disability Insurance. This coverage will continue making your loan payments if you become temporarily or permanently disabled for longer than the required waiting period. Available for both personal and mortgage loans.

TruStage: Insurance the credit union way

Insurance protection is part of a solid financial plan. That’s because dependable coverage helps ensure financial relief when you need it most. And along the way, that coverage means you’ll take comfort in knowing you’re protected.

Founded on more than 80 years of working together with credit unions, we make a variety of insurance products and programs available to members like you—and help you protect what matters most. Welcome to TruStage and insurance the credit union way. To learn more, get quotes or just explore, visit

All Member Savings Accounts are Federally Insured to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration, a U.S. Government Agency.

Your Credit Union carries a surety bond covering employees of the credit union and their handling of members' money.

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